What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot Card Reading Beginnings

The origin of Tarot Card Reading is a mystery however the first deck was created as a game. A Tarot Card deck has 4 suits and has also included 22 symbolic picture cards that didn’t belong to any deck. This game was called triumph and soon spread to all parts of Europe. People began referring to this deck as Tarocchi which is an Italian version of french word ‘tarot’ around 1530 AD.



The roots of the tarot has expanded in the last few decades to include many perspectives and since then different decks from herbal, mythological, native American amongst others to have such decks.

The Tarot is used as a tool of divination, a traditional way involves a seeker- who is looking for answers to his questions and a reader- someone who knows how to read the cards.

Today’s Tarot Card designs reflect specific trends in sexuality, religion, culture, and philosophy. There are literally hundreds of interpretations, and more are being conceived. The diversity of the styles allows Tarot Readers to choose a deck that suits their personalities, the subject of the reading, the person receiving the tarot reading, or any other variable as they so choose. Certain decks have a serious tone, some have a dream-like quality, others are full of cartoon images. The true beauty lies in the Tarot’s ability to retain its “soul” through each metamorphosis and incarnation. It is, on many levels, a mirror of those who work with it, and allows them to make each reading a truly personal experience.