Amazing experience

Amazing experience 🙂

It was an amazing experience with Ruchika, she built a serious confidence within me. She made my Birthday very special and am very thankful to her. I found out about Tarot encounters from Facebook. Thank you! so much for the guidance and support. God bless! 🙂


Shruti M Jaipur, India January 4, 2016

Highly professional

Highly professional & 75% of reading were true

It was my very first experience to get a Tarot reading. 75% of the readings seem to be true.I was quite astonished. The Tarot Card Reader (Ruchika) was highly professional and had patience in answering my questions. I liked it and the money that I had spent went for a Charity. I felt like that I had done a good deed to the society. I will recommend her service to others.

Venkatesh Mumbai, India October 13, 2015

100% accuracy tarot reading

100% accuracy and amazing experience

I had a tarot reading session with Ruchika about health and career. She made me feel comfortable during our first reading session with her friendly, witty, but down to earth nature and the reading was easy. As she unfolded the cards and started reading it, I felt as if my past and present is being replayed in front of me.

She talked about the hardest situation I have already faced in the past and those I might be facing in the near future and comforted me when I panicked. Overall, the experience was exquisite in its pin-point 100% accuracy.She saw present health issues that even a doctor would fail to detect, predicted the financial worries of the moment and anticipated a very good end. Another amazing insight was in context of career wherein she advised to start looking for a new job and it was fruitful advice indeed. It was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed the tarot reading session with her. I highly recommend her as a reader because this girl knows her ability very well.

Afreen B Mumbai, India Mumbai, India October 13, 2015


Ruchika Beri- The Best Tarot Reader

I had consulted a Tarot Card reader before, but I needed someone I could trust and confide. And that someone is Ruchika, who is very trustworthy. She cleared all my doubts in one sweep. I was zapped with the overall experience and the comfort provided by Ruchika during my session. One can get a reading using different modes basis convenience. Now I know for a fact that each time I'm at a crossroads of life, Tarot encounters & Ruchika will be there to guide me. By far the Best Tarot Reader I have come across till date.

God bless her!

Priya N New Delhi, India October 13, 2015

Accurate Tarot Reading

Accurate Tarot Reading by Ruchika

Ruchika is an absolute rockstar! I've had a range of readings with her, sometimes when I wanted a definite answer, other times when I was thinking about my life purpose and path... each single time I needed guidance, she gave me exactly what I needed, whether its encouragement or course corrections to get me closer to my goal. The best thing is that she does not hand out mystical predictions, she gives life-clarity! I would say accurate Tarot reading experience.

In a number of incidents, things have unfolded exactly as she hinted and I've always been pleasantly amazed by how accurate she is each single time!

Kritika P, Jaipur Jaipur February 7, 2017

Proactive Ruchika

Proactive & helpful Ruchika

So happy & blessed to be in touch with her. Proactive Ruchika guided me till the end during my stressful time. Wonderful Tarot reading, Ruchika. I am totally enthralled by your passion and the zeal to guide people by this gift of yours.

Thanks a lot your guidance had helped me to take decisions when I couldn't gather strength. Her readings give hope when life is tipsy topsy.

Thank you for your time & energy, God Bless you and keep shining like this.

Priyambada S Mumbai, India October 13, 2015

Best Tarot Card Reader in Jaipur

Best Tarot Card Reader in Jaipur

She is truly the Best Tarot Card Reader in Jaipur, I have seen so far. In one line if I have to sum up it is flawless Tarot Reading every time. You can contact her by meeting her personally or over a phone or email to obtain consultation on various issues of life like: - education, career (job or business), professional growth, love life, marriage, married life, childbirth, financial condition, property, material assets, foreign tour and health issues and to estimate about the past tense, present tense and future tense of your life.

Thank you! Ruchika and Tarot encounters for the guidance. Wish you All the best!

Syed Shariq Delhi December 16, 2015


Best Tarot Card Reader- Ruchika, Jaipur

Each thing that Ruchika has told me after doing a reading for me has been true & accurate. The Oracle might have all the answers, but Ruchika has all the answers for the future! Each time I'm in a fix, I seek help.Thank you, Ruchika, for always showing the light during dark days and for me me you are the Best Tarot Card Reader in Mumbai & Jaipur.I remember one particular instance where I took a bit of time to believe but life always surprises you with something else. And, that's when I realized the power of Tarot Reading. Your passion and the willingness to help people is commendable.

Most important Thank you for being a Guardian Angel in my life.

Ishita P Bengaluru, India October 7, 2015


Accurate & Enlightening

Very insightful, accurate and a simple approach to tarot reading by Ruchika. I was a subject to skepticism before I met her and her reassuring way of reading calmed me immensely which was quite astounding. After a session, I knew where I had to move on in my life and how do I go about it. I wish to thank her for lighting up the way for me which was truly enlightening.

In one word I would say fantabulous. Thank you! so much Ruchika and God bless.

Kanishka S Jaipur, India October 13, 2015

One of the Best Tarot Reader

I will always and forever now recommend Ruchika to all my friends and family. She is so kind, supportive, insightful and smart! I have never encountered such deep analysis and great understanding of the situation. Ruchika was tremendously helpful and is extremely knowledgeable at her craft. Hands down, one of the Best Tarot Readings I have ever had. Thank you!


Ayush K Jaipur February 25, 2018