July Tarotscope

The secret of getting ahead is getting started, hello July¬† ūüôā so here’s to beginnings and July Tarotscope.

Aries: This is your month to shine as things are progressing in the upheaval direction. Your hard work¬†and patience would start showing up. It’s time to let go of the established patterns as unexpected liberation is lined up for you. You would also be required to change your perception. A sense of enlightenment would prevail that would help you pave your way ahead this month.

Taurus: Patience and self-control can take you places. And, July is that month that will keep throwing challenges to test your patience. Everything done in moderation can bring the desired results. Take a dive into your balancing act as extremes are easy. Remember little by little, a little becomes a lot.

Gemini: Sometimes you have to die a little inside in order to be reborn. Change your perspective, change your story. Bounce back with more energy and passion that can awaken you. Some important changes are lined up this month, so brace yourself. Time to connect with your inner self as your inner calling is just a step away.

Cancer: You are experiencing a transition in life and this change can also be physical (travel or relocation). With some discipline and a vision, you will do wonders. If you have been thinking to learn something or upgrade your skill then don’t waste time. Enroll yourself as it’s time for self-mastery. Gain self-confidence as it will help you in long run.

Leo: Life’s a wheel of fortune and it’s your time to spin the wheel. Tables are turning in your favor, so time to do the happy dance.¬†Wohoo!!¬†Things are moving ahead swiftly, quick adaptation would help you benefit from it. A new cycle is playing up and few closures are happening.

Virgo: A bit of nudge, a bit of push, a bit of lift can help you in forwarding movement in life. Exciting times lie ahead that will make you grow. So, fasten your seat belts as somebody’s gonna have a great time. The guidance is also asking you to make a shift in your thought process, old habits wouldn’t take you anywhere. Move out of comfort zone.

Libra: Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. This month is all about pinning your hopes and desires high. Make a wish and you never know if it sees the daylight. At an individual level, you would be a lot calmer and feel contented. Focus on your healing (not just the physical), have a detox and get surprised by the Universe.

Scorpio: Getting drowned in other people’s opinion is easy, choose the right thing that is listening to your heart. You already know what you want but unable to make the move. Discover what resonates with you, time to follow your inner guidance. Be aware and connect the dots.

Sagittarius: You have been looking for the answers, you have been trying to unveil the hidden mystery. But, what if I told you, all the answers lie within. Stop searching elsewhere, look past the physical. A quick suggestion- find some solace, calm your mental chatter and write down. Your inner voice is trying to make you see beyond.

Capricorn: You have the power as you are the magic wand. You are full of energy and the conviction so stop wasting time. A new endeavor and new journey await you. Let your creative juices flow as your focused self would take you places. Manifestation and conscious action can make things happen for you at God’s speed.

Aquarius: Maturity is the capacity to endure uncertainty, some of the most beautiful chapters won’t have a title until much later. In totality, you may have difficulty in making a decision as skepticism would surround you. You would also go¬†in your shell to gain some clarity. Remember one thing it’s how you see the glass- uncertainty also brings new opportunities.

Pisces: The more you hold on to something, the more it tends to slip. Don’t go bonkers in working out things the way you want to. The chaos doesn’t end, you just learn to be calm. Find peace in your vulnerability, the moment of surrender is not when life is over. It’s when it begins. Keep calm and surrender to the Universe.

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Ruchika Beri

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A persona of mysticism and charm, Ruchika Beri ‚Äď Tarot Reader & Mystic Healer, made it her life‚Äôs mission to tap into the powers of Tarot cards four years ago. She believes that Tarot readings not only guide individuals to the right path but also offer a fresh perspective to life. Many consider psychic phenomenon among other theories to be the real secret behind these readings. Ruchika, on the other hand, believes in the true nature of a common dominion. The reader in her has imbibed knowledge from the surroundings and nurturing the information about the cards while relying on her intuition to give people the answers.

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