Modes of Tarot Reading

Confused on how to go about Tarot Reading? You can choose from wide range of Tarot Reading modes. Book your session now.
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Email Tarot Reading:

Our life is just like the universe; there are galaxies and solar systems functioning simultaneously. In our universe, we just need to decide which galaxy we would like to focus on right now. In your email, you can tell Ruchika the area that is really crucial to you. Family, relationships, career, health and finances, among other facets take centre stage. If you are looking for a ray of light and sense of direction, feel free to discuss it with her, write a line or two about your situation.

Session fees:

1 question – 300 INR

3 questions – 650 INR

5 questions – 900 INR

Note: Tarot readings via email is shared within 72 hours post the confirmation of payment and the questions received.

Skype Tarot Reading:

With Skype, you get the added advantage of instant readings since you don’t have to wait for about 48 hours like email Tarot reading to get your response. What’s more, you can choose the time that suits you the most and you can get your reading done in the comfort of your home.

Session fees:

15 minutes – 500 INR

30 minutes – 750 INR

45 minutes – 1000 INR

Face-to-Face Tarot Reading:

With a personal session, you get to experience a Tarot reading at its fullest. A personal session helps the reader connect with you and is able to draw energies to give you a resolving reading.

Session Fees:

Special Tarot Reading – 1200 INR (for 60 mins)

Half yearly Tarot Reading – 2000 INR

Annual Tarot Reading – 2500 INR

Phone Tarot Reading:

A comforting voice is all we need to hear when we look for the guidance. Phone Tarot Reading helps the reader to be impromptu with one’s questions and can provide the instant guidance.

Session Fees:

15 minutes – 500 INR
30 minutes – 750 INR
45 minutes – 900 INR

Please note that at times PayU money doesn’t intimate us when the payment is made. Post making the payment, feel free to write to us at