Tarot Reader & Mystic Healer

Ruchika B – Tarot Card Reader & Mystic Healer

Ruchika-B_Tarot-Encounters-Tarot Reader and Mystic HealerA persona of mysticism and charm, Ruchika – Tarot Card Reader & Mystic Healer, made it her life’s mission to tap into the powers of Tarot Cards 8+ years ago. She believes that Tarot readings not only guide individuals to the right path but also offer a fresh perspective to life. Many consider psychic phenomenon among other theories to be the real secret behind these readings.

Ruchika, on the other hand, believes in the true nature of a common dominion. The reader in her has imbibed knowledge from the surroundings and nurturing the information about the cards while relying on her intuition to give people the answers.

“I would not say I’m a true psychic, but my readings are part institution and part intuition.” says Ruchika.
She seeks guidance from cards like the Robin Wood Tarot, Inner Peace Messages, Goddess Guidance Oracle, Romance Angels Oracle, Healing With The Angels Oracle, Moon Phase Oracle, Bad Bitches Tarot, Woman Runes Card, Wild Unknown Tarot, Good Tarot and Past Life Oracle. These decks allow her to delve into various facets of life such as love, finances, career, health and jobs among many others. Through interactions, Ruchika and you can bring out the best in the cards together.