Crystal Healing


Crystal healing is a holistic energy-based system of healing. It’s non-invasive. To explain it better to you, I would say that it does not involve the introduction of instruments inside your body. It’s a vibrational process that treats you as a whole and also your integrated energy system. It’s almost like a mechanic fixing your car without actually touching any of its parts.

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The process, on the whole, is therapeutic and deeply relaxing. Let’s imagine that your body is an orchestra of musical instruments. Healing helps you tune your mind, body, spirit and the environment in a way that they’re now in harmony and understand each other’s rhythm. Can you hear the ensemble playing the perfect music too?

What to expect when you come and see me?

I want you to play this situation in your head and tell me how it feels!

You are made comfortable and warm on a healing couch or on the floor, as you please. You are asked to close your eyes and relax. Feels great already? There’s more!

Crystals are placed on or around your body. The position may be dowsed for with a pendulum or intuited. The crystals are left in place while you relax and breathe gently. You may feel a tingling sensation, your body may jerk as it releases patterns held in your muscles, you may even laugh or cry as repressed emotions are let go, or you may feel nothing at all except a sense of peace and pleasurable relaxation suffusing your body. The therapist may gently add or remove crystals during the session. When the session is over, the crystals will be removed and you will be encouraged to ground yourself firmly in your body once more.

Your mind and body deserve this! Get in touch to create the harmony your body’s been waiting for.


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