Tarot Tips & Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct:

• Payment: The payment is required prior to your appointment and the same can be made via PayU money system integrated on our website. No refunds are made if the appointment is cancelled at last minute. Should you wish to cancel or reschedule the appointment, kindly inform us 2 hours in advance. We would be happy to fix the other suitable time.

Confidentiality: Your personal information will not be disclosed to anybody at any given point of time.

Non- Judgemental: Your issues and questions will not be judged by us. We will continue to uphold the same to ensure you are comfortable in sharing your concern with us.

Refusal: We are allowed to refuse your queries if we feel the intent of your question is to gauge our accuracy level or humiliate or troll me.

Readings for children & teenagers: Although it is tempting to know the future or get the reading done for your children below 18 years of age. But, we don’t provide the guidance for kids & teenagers. For the simple reason of maturity and the willingness to receive an external perspective.

Before you get started with Tarot reading here are few Tarot Tips:

• It’s helpful to keep a few things in mind to get the right guidance and insights from your Tarot Reading.

• Specific readings provide an in-depth understanding of your unsettled thoughts and general readings cover an entire gamut of insights.

• Be at ease and calmly decide which slice of your life you want to focus on. You could either want to look into your finances, health or love among many others if you are looking for a specific reading.

• Crystal clear questions that encapsulate your situation would bring out key pointers during the reading.
E.g. a question like ‘I want to know about my career progression for the current month’ would yield a better insight than ‘I want to know about my career’.

• If the question/situation is regarding another person, share relevant details like:

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