Choose the Right Tarot Deck

Choose the right Tarot Deck for you from the options below:

The Robin Wood Tarot:


The Robin Wood Tarot is a blend of traditional Tarot Card designs and contemporary natural symbols. This Tarot Card deck is designed to reflect on the important nuances of the real world. The gothic imagery and depictions of The Robin Wood Tarot is not only beautiful but also makes an instant connection with the Tarot Card reader. This deck comprises of 78 cards which are then sub-divided into The Major Arcana – the cards of mystery & power and The Minor Arcana which encapsulates daily affairs.

The Romance Angels Oracle Deck:


Cards in the Oracle Deck are a group of celestial angels who focus on all aspects of love and relationships. These attractively illustrated 48 cards allow the reader to receive angelic guidance for love related concerns. This deck yields valuable insights on soul mates, healing from the past and the current relationship. This deck is a ready reckoner for love tarot reading.

Past Life Oracle Cards:


Your eternal soul has lived many lives and that life has an effect on the current life in various forms. Past Life Oracle Cards unveil the unread messages that one has been carrying from their past life. This then helps in overcoming the negative blocks and harnessing greater happiness.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards:


The energies of 44 Goddess oracle cards guide you on your spiritual and personal growth. These intricately designed cards depict goddesses from Egyptian, African, Celtic, Buddhist and other cultures. They form a bond with you on specific issues and guide you through your journey.
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Inner Peace Cards:


Every day is a promise of newer possibilities and challenges. These splendidly created cards help you in discovering the hidden facets of your everyday life. Armed with a daily message, the Inner Peace Cards guide you on the path of inner peace with the daily message.

Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards


These 44 Healing with angels oracle cards have messages from angels, that can help you in every walk of life. This set of cards will guide you in connecting with angels and receive guidance from them. These beautifully designed cards have messages like new beginnings, healing, music, dreams that would form a bond with you and pave the way.

The Moon Phases Oracle

Just like the Moon, even we go through different phases. And, these phases help us shine brighter. This wonderful deck of 38 cards have guidance from different elements involved with phases (of the Moon). This deck created by Devin Strickler conveys guidance like manifestation, blessings, intentions, calling (the wolf) that connects with you and help you in seeking the answers.