Professional Tarot Reading Services

Hi! I am Ruchika Beri, your friendly neighborhood Tarot Card reader at Tarot encounters.

I believe, the universe talks to us in strange ways.

As humble as it may appear to be, the energy of the cosmos is all around us and this energy can guide us to our true destination.

Tarot encounters uses the synergy of universal forces to show you the right direction. In their own way, Tarot Cards harness the power of the energies around us to talk to us, only if we’re willing to listen with an open mind.

Be it personal or professional, Tarot encounters helps in understanding the higher purpose through everyday readings and even past life readings. You can get accurate tarot reading for love, career or health or more. You can even ask questions related to yourself or people who are close to you. With our professional tarot reading services ranging from Face To Face reading, Skype Reading or Email Reading, you can start reading between the lines and decipher what the universe has in store for you.

Tarot encounters provides Professional Tarot reading services in Jaipur, India as well as all over the web.


Very delighted & happy

Just finished telephonic session . She is very down to earth person. She made me comfortable from the start. I could open up with her about my concerns and problems almost immediately. I asked various questions ranging over career love marriage etc. and everything was answered along with her reassuring guidance which really made me believe in myself. Overall, I am very much delighted about how the session went. Looking forward to a reading sometime again sooner. Would recommend her to others as well. Definitely worth giving a shoutout to Ruchika.

Sanjeev M Bengaluru June 2, 2018

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